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Victorian Crown Restored for a Capodimonte Lamp

My client found this lamp stored in a basement.  The Capodimonte Lamp and Victorian Crown shade were in remarkable condition considering the storage location.       It must have been a dry basement as there was no rust damage to the wire frame.  The shade had something spilled on it.  It looks like rust, […]

Lampshade Liners Replaced, Restored Shades

Lampshade Liners Replaced.  Liners shred from age and heat, but the covers are still in great shape.  Just replace the liner!   Keep the original lampshade wire, cover and trim. This oval deco celestial lampshade cover is in great shape.       This oval lampshade cover is in great shape, but the liner started […]

Historic Lampshades Restored for NAROMI LAND TRUST EVENT, Connecticut

Two “Keepsake” lamps with restored shades will be featured in a home of the NAROMI LAND TRUST Festival of Dinners!  The room is gorgeous!  Such an honor.                   Naromi Land Trust.  Forever.  Sherman. http://naromi.org   Of the two shades, the gooseneck was the oldest.  The wire frame […]

Raw Silk Lampshade Restored, Recovered

Raw silk is a very rustic loose woven fabric.  Raw silk was used on vintage shades.  Not too many around today.  The fabric gets nubby as it ages.  The fabric looks very different when the light is on!  Shockingly different. The original vintage raw silk drum shade was damaged while my client was relocating.   […]

Golden Crown Victorian Lampshade, Missouri

Vintage Custom Restore.  Lampshade Restore.  Vintage Frame.  Vintage Trim.  The original fabric was so unusual.  The original cover was a gold fine fabric like hosiery.  Beautiful finish.  I could not find anything even close to texture, but I was able to restore the “vintage golden glow!”                 This […]

Florida Lampshade Restored for Vintage Swing-Arm Lamp

Vintage swing arm lamps are particularly nice beside a chair.  They typically sit on a globe and have an arm extension that is adjustable.     The original cover was shredding.  The wire was also rusting and needed treated and painted before even starting the fabric restoration.  If you do not treat a rusting wire, […]


GREAT LAKES RESTORATION is a lighting restoration service.  They restore vintage chandeliers, sconce lights and floor lamps just to mention a few.  We worked together on this vintage floor lamp.   The vintage ivory and gold floor lamp base has been completely tore down, cleaned and rewired.  The detail in this lamp base is beautiful. […]

Bell Lampshade Complete Restore, Recover

This shade looks like a simple repair, but actually, the arc of the shade can be difficult, but not as troublesome as the aluminum lampshade frame! The liner of this lampshade was completely intact, but the cover was falling apart panel by panel.  Most unusual.   The lampshade wire was aluminum, which I thought was […]


Last project for 2014:   A set of Victorian Scalloped vintage lampshades.   Complete custom restoration project.  Wires treated for rust.  Custom hand sewn cover and liner.  New trim.  Rosette accents! My customer inherited the beautiful lamps.  They have been passed through 2 generations.  The ceramic rose lamp bases are in mint condition, but the […]

Vintage Pleated Victorian Lampshade, Restore, Recovered, Repaired

I have seen quite a few victorian crown lampshades over the years.  This particular victorian crown shade was different from most of the vintage shades I see.  The center of the shade wires were not arched and the center shade was pleated.  The structured pleated center gave the lampshade a more modern look.   The […]