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Florida Lampshade Restored for Vintage Swing-Arm Lamp

Vintage swing arm lamps are particularly nice beside a chair.  They typically sit on a globe and have an arm extension that is adjustable.     The original cover was shredding.  The wire was also rusting and needed treated and painted before even starting the fabric restoration.  If you do not treat a rusting wire, […]

Lampshade Liners Replaced: Restored Lighting, Fabric Shades

Lampshade liners repaired on vintage moire shades.  The liners of the 2 shades were shredding.  The liner would rip when you touched it, often due to high watt bulbs.  The A-frame structure of these shades does not allow the heat to escape and causes the liners to get brittle.  Always use eco friendly lighting in […]

Uno Candlelight Shades Restored, OHIO

The uno fitting on these candlelight shades fit a small gooseneck desk lamp.  The shades have been restored with an ivory textured cover and silk charmeuse liners.                      

Antique Candlelight Lampshade Repair, Cleveland, Ohio

Fabric deteriorates over time.   This pair of antique candlelight shades had to be restored to be able to use the antique gooseneck desktop lamp.   The two candlelight shades have an uno fitting.   Both shades fit a small lamp with two gooseneck fittings for the shades.   The uno fitting screws onto the […]

Pleated Lampshades Shredding Like Paper

The slightly belled lampshade frames are very pretty with a scalloped top and bottom wire.  This pair of pleated covered lampshades is shredding,  just like paper.  It is hard to believe it is fabric.     These are two of three identical shades I have restored this year.   All three have had a shredding […]

Pleated Scalloped Lampshade Repair, NE Ohio

This large pleated lampshade was literally shredding.  It is not the first time I have restored a pleated lampshade that seemed to be pleated paper.  I could tear the cover lengthwise and across the pleats.  The original cover was not even stained or anything, just falling apart. I restored the shade with pleated muslin fabric. […]

Lampshade Repair, Liner Repair on Pleated Shades

PLeated Lampshade Liner Repair.  This is a pair of pleated Cooper Lampshades.  They are very nice shades covered with a high end cotton pleated fabric.  The covers are in excellent condition but the liners are brittle and shredding.     The liner on the left is puling away from the frame. The shade on the […]