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Lamp Shade Liner Repair, Replace, Victorian “Roseart” Lampshade, New York

Lampshade:  “Custom Taylored by Roseart, Fifth Avenue, New York”  This 35 year old “Roseart” shade was shredding, tearing and turning to dust.  The liner has been replaced.  The brocade cover is in mint condition. Shredding liner:   Replaced Liner:   The original trim was replaced on this victorian brocade lampshade.  The heat from standard light […]


This entire set of lamp shades have had the liners replaced.  Beautiful Shades!  One set of shades were Ethan Allan blush colored shades.  The pleated shade is a Westwood lampshade.  The set of gold covered shades did not have identification, but they are very nice deco lampshades.   All the covers of these shades were […]

Vintage Pleated Victorian Lampshade, Restore, Recovered, Repaired

I have seen quite a few victorian crown lampshades over the years.  This particular victorian crown shade was different from most of the vintage shades I see.  The center of the shade wires were not arched and the center shade was pleated.  The structured pleated center gave the lampshade a more modern look.   The […]

Lampshade, Shade Liner Repair, Restore, Alabama

These two shades are currently being restored with lampshade liners.  One is a Kichler lampshade. Kicher lampshades have high quality wire frames and cover fabric.  The other lampshade is not marked.  The frame is a nice frame with an unusual sophisticated finish.   I like the time that was spent on detailing this lampshade.  The […]


This is a group of a variety of lampshades that needed liner replacements.  Each shade was unique in design, shape and construction technique.  Being able to restore lampshade liners, extends the life of historic fabric lampshade covers and shade designers.  The five liner repairs were from two different customers.             […]

Lampshade Liner Repair, Small Vintage Cut Corner Shade

Vintage small cut corner lampshade liner repair.  The shade belongs to a lamp that is a keepsake of my customers’ father.  The liner is shredding but the linen cover is in mint condition.                 I was able to remove the trim and replace the tattered liner with a new […]

Quality Pleated Classic Lampshade Repairs! New Jersey

Quality pleated Classic Lampshades.  Stiffel!  I restore lampshades and Stiffle Lampshade Covers are beautiful fabric.  I have restored Stiffel MUSLIN, or SHANTUNG Mushroom Pleated and LINEN Knife Pleated Lampshade LINERS ONLY!   I can appreciated quality fabric covers.  Liners deteriorates due to the intensive light exposure.  I have seen an onslaught of mock fabric pleated […]

Lampshade Repair, Shade Liner Replaced, NE Ohio

This square cut corner lampshade cover is in good condition but the inside liner was shredding.  I removed the original trim, replaced the liner with silk and replaced the original trim.   

Floor Lamp with Bell Shade Repair, N. Canton, Ohio

Antique Floor Lamp with Bell Shade.  The shade sits on a floor lamp with a globe and 3 cluster bulbs around the globe.    This antique shade was badly stained and the liner shredding from old age. The lampshade wire was rusting.  The rust works its way through the fabric and show visible .   The […]


This pleated lampshade has been repaired using charmeuse silk for the liner.  The silk cover was in excellent condition, but the liner was shredding. Many people think their silk lampshade has a silk liner.   The shade has a beautiful silk cover, but the liners seem to be acetone or a manufactured fabric.  Acetone fabric […]