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Victorian Crown Restored for a Capodimonte Lamp

My client found this lamp stored in a basement.  The Capodimonte Lamp and Victorian Crown shade were in remarkable condition considering the storage location.       It must have been a dry basement as there was no rust damage to the wire frame.  The shade had something spilled on it.  It looks like rust, […]


These are a set of 5 Chandelier Contemporary Lamp Shades.  The vintage lampshade covers were in mint condition, even the styrene liners were great.  The wires connected to the top and bottom of the shades were letting loose from the actual shades.  Not all the shades were having issues.   To keep the set looking consistent, […]


This entire set of lamp shades have had the liners replaced.  Beautiful Shades!  One set of shades were Ethan Allan blush colored shades.  The pleated shade is a Westwood lampshade.  The set of gold covered shades did not have identification, but they are very nice deco lampshades.   All the covers of these shades were […]

Contemporary Vintage 1950’s Oval Lampshade Restored

This oval lampshade belongs to a vintage 1950’s contemporary lamp base.   The oval lampshade was in need of repairs.  The original shade was in great condition, but the fabric was starting to get brittle and split.     I removed all the fabric from the lampshade frame and there were only 4 vertical wires.  There […]

Bell Lampshade Restore with Vintage Ruffled Valance, NE Ohio

It is so fun to see the personalized finish and construction technique of vintage shades.     The ruffled trim finish is personal to the artist that created the shade.  I was glad to just have to clean it and not make it!   The original craftsmanship is awesome.   To my surprise, when I […]

Sweetheart Antique Lamp, Restored Silk Shade

Any Grandmother, Mother or Wife who loves antique lighting would LOVE this lamp.  It is such a warm sweet light!   This is not only a SWEETHEART Lamp but the proceeds will be donated to a local animal rescue organization “Not Too Tabby” (Woozez) in Canton, Ohio.  Not Too Tabby has a resale shop to […]

Lace Sconce Lampshades, N. Canton, Ohio

There are two of these lace candlelight sconce lampshades.  They were very well constructed.  I have never seen so many tiny stitches in any shade. let alone such small shades.  The original lace covers was embroidered lace with a very tiny design.     I restored the candlelight shades using a technique where each panel […]


These pair of small pleated shade covers were shredding.  I removed the trim, liner then cover.  The covers were splitting along the pleats.  When I took a real close look, I believe they were paper, not actual material.  I could tear them vertically along the pleats and horizontally, just like paper. The new cover is […]

Gooseneck Floor Lamp Shade Restoration, NE Ohio

The small ivory drum shade has an uno spider fitting so it can hang from the gooseneck floor lamp. The ivory deteriorating shade has been restored with a gold silk cover and cream liner with purple and metallic gold trim.  The shade color and trim look like royalty. The light has a warm golden glow […]

Lampshade Restoration, NE Ohio

Completely restored lampshade.  Cottonwood fabric finish. I did not get a picture of the original, but it was a pleated muslin fabric.  The liner was gone and the cover was deteriorating.   This shade sits on a lamp base that has 2 bulbs that sit horizontally.  Standard light bulbs sit close to the fabric and […]