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Lampshade Restoration, NE Ohio

Completely restored lampshade.  Cottonwood fabric finish. I did not get a picture of the original, but it was a pleated muslin fabric.  The liner was gone and the cover was deteriorating.   This shade sits on a lamp base that has 2 bulbs that sit horizontally.  Standard light bulbs sit close to the fabric and […]

Fortuny Charmeuse Pleated Square Lampshade

  This square pleated shade sits on a glass floor lamp with bulbs that are vertical inside the shade.  To keep the shade a clear distance from the bulbs, I needed to work outside the frame. I wrapped the entire inside frame with grosgrain so the inside of the finished shade looked neat and clean. […]

A-Frame Home Spun Linen Lampshades Restored

There are a pair of these shades.  The new cover is Beige Homespun Linen.  This A-frame lampshade is a modern style  and seemed to be a trend in the late 90’s. Even though it looks simple, the arc can be tricky.  The dimensions are 7″ x 22″ x 13″     I started tearing these shades […]

Lampshade with a Burlap Cover

There are two of these hard shelled lampshades.  Originally, the shades were covered in Beige Homespun Linen with a jute trim.    As the shades aged, they cracked and yellowed. My customer choose a burlap cover for the restored shades.  The lamp bases are rustic.  The jute trim on the lampshades is also on the […]