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These are a set of 5 Chandelier Contemporary Lamp Shades.  The vintage lampshade covers were in mint condition, even the styrene liners were great.  The wires connected to the top and bottom of the shades were letting loose from the actual shades.  Not all the shades were having issues.   To keep the set looking consistent, […]

Lace Sconce Lampshades, N. Canton, Ohio

There are two of these lace candlelight sconce lampshades.  They were very well constructed.  I have never seen so many tiny stitches in any shade. let alone such small shades.  The original lace covers was embroidered lace with a very tiny design.     I restored the candlelight shades using a technique where each panel […]

Pleated Lamp Shade Restored for Pineapple Ceramic Base

I was able to get a great picture of the pleated fabric shade on the original base. People do not always know where the lamp is going to be placed when they purchase it, so I don’t get to know what the actual surroundings will be.  I would do accents different if I knew ahead […]