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Antique Lamp with Adjustable Lampshade, Liner Repair

While I was repairing the liner of this antique pleated lampshade, I could not figure out what kind of fitting held this lampshade on the lamp, or even what the lamp base looked like.  I knew it was vintage.  As promised, my customer sent me pictures of the lamp in its entirety.  What an absolutely […]

Victorian Crown Silk Shade Repair, Restore, OHIO

This is one of two Victorian Crown lampshades that are progress.  There are many styles and shapes of Victorian Crown Shades.  The shape of the lampshade frames are so elegant and shapely.  They are so specific in style, as to say, there is nothing “Contemporary” about them. This shade belongs to a couple in which […]


The liners have been replaced on these stenciled pierced lampshades.  The tissue is a very different liner than anything I have ever worked with before.   The stenciled pierced shade and liner is applied as one when they are made.  I removed all the old liner tissue but there are still small remnants on the […]

Custom Lampshade Restoration, Marble Paper Styrene Shade

The light from this old lampshade was very dim from the aging process.  The original shade was light weight to accommodate the lamp fitting that it hangs from.    It is actually a hanging shade. These drum shades are my favorite to restore for obvious reasons.     I used a marble paper styrene backed […]


Accordion lampshades are a stiff pleated material.  The pleated lampshade cover is on a plastic liner.  Most often the spider wire (top wire) and bottom ring are attached to a plastic liner with paper tape or grosgrain.   Over time, the paper tape or grosgrain deteriorates and the wire lets loose off the shade.  This […]


Many of my projects are liner only repairs and I always clean the shades with a lint roller.   I never use a liquid cleaner as I cannot repair liquid damaged fabric. I am restoring the cover and liner on this 23 year old silk lampshade and I wanted to show you the amazing job […]

Ohio Lampshade Restoration

  This old drum lampshade was so cracked that it had to be duck taped before tearing it down so it would not fall to  pieces.   I use the original material as a pattern for the new lamp shade and sometimes I have to go to extremes to keep the original from falling apart. The […]

Large Floor Lamp Drum Shade Restored

This shade sits on a floor lamp with a 3 bulb cluster. One of the spider wires was detached from the frame.  The cover was stapled onto the frame.   The fabric drum lampshade is completely repaired.  The scroll braid is trimmed with old gold soutache to pull in a mirror and other accent pieces near […]