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Cracked and stained vintage contemporary rectangle lampshade restored with Anna Marie Linen styrene.  The lampshade wire was in great shape but the cover is beyond repair.  The only option is to replace the cover.               The lamp for this shade is unique and unusual. My client was kind enough […]

Candlelight Lampshades Restored, NE Ohio

The candlelight pleated shades go on a desk lamp with two separate lights.  The inside of the shade is styrene (plastic) covered with a muslin pleated fabric.  The unique size makes these shades difficult to replace.   We restored the shades with  Anna Marie Linen styrene (fabric laminated to plastic).  The plastic styrene materials are […]


Two very large (4″ x 25″ x 14 5/8″) contemporary lampshades restored.  The original lampshade had a standard linen fabric laminated styrene shade. After 20 years, the lampshades discolored but their lamp bases are a beautiful accent to their room.  They could not find new lampshades to fit and could not find new lamps they […]


Just to make it clear,  DO NOT SCOTCH GUARD A COMPLETED LAMPSHADE.  I was restoring the entire cover and liner for this lampshade.   When restoring an entire sewn shade, the cover is the first application and there is no other fabric on the frame of the shade. The decor of this home is transitioning […]

Ohio Lampshade Restoration

  This old drum lampshade was so cracked that it had to be duck taped before tearing it down so it would not fall to  pieces.   I use the original material as a pattern for the new lamp shade and sometimes I have to go to extremes to keep the original from falling apart. The […]

Large Floor Lamp Drum Shade Restored

This shade sits on a floor lamp with a 3 bulb cluster. One of the spider wires was detached from the frame.  The cover was stapled onto the frame.   The fabric drum lampshade is completely repaired.  The scroll braid is trimmed with old gold soutache to pull in a mirror and other accent pieces near […]