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This small narrow drum lampshade yellowed over time.  The hard shell cover cracked and the trim was falling off.  The rose velvet trim was taking on a new color and the delicate metallic trim lost its glow.   I restored the shade with an Anna Marie Linen.  The hard shell material used to recover these […]

Antique Candlelight Lampshade Repair, Cleveland, Ohio

Fabric deteriorates over time.   This pair of antique candlelight shades had to be restored to be able to use the antique gooseneck desktop lamp.   The two candlelight shades have an uno fitting.   Both shades fit a small lamp with two gooseneck fittings for the shades.   The uno fitting screws onto the […]

What you need to know about Fabric Lampshade Lighting

I delivered the restored Chimney Bell lampshade (replaced liner only) to my customer and took pictures of the lit shade.  I was pleased to see the proper placement of the bulb inside the chimney shade.  This lit  lampshade shows off the elegance of the detailed wire lampshade frame with a 60 watt energy efficient bulb. . Below […]

Lampshades that need REPAIRED!

I cannot tell you how often I get liner lampshade repairs.  It upsets me to see a lampshade with the liner falling apart inside the shade.   I believe lamps with fabric lampshades are decorative accents to a room.   They are soft, warm lights that make it easy to navigate through a room in […]