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Historic Lampshades Restored for NAROMI LAND TRUST EVENT, Connecticut

Two “Keepsake” lamps with restored shades will be featured in a home of the NAROMI LAND TRUST Festival of Dinners!  The room is gorgeous!  Such an honor.                   Naromi Land Trust.  Forever.  Sherman. http://naromi.org   Of the two shades, the gooseneck was the oldest.  The wire frame […]

Fringed Vintage Victorian Lampshade Restored, PA

Antique Victorian lampshade restoration project.  This vintage wire frame was in mint condition.  Had I not taken the original cover off, I would have thought the wire was a new purchase and sent to me to be recovered.  My customer said the shade has only been in three homes.               […]

Vintage Fringe Victorian Lampshade, Recover / Restore, PA

This Vintage Victorian Lampshade is my current restoration project.   This beautiful frame has a slender chimney top and flares out to a scallop with a drop cuff.  The ivory shade cover is trimmed with a brassy gold trim and fringe.               The liner appears to have been cut […]

Vintage Victorian Crown Lampshade Restore, Repair, Akron, OH

This lace / fringed vintage victorian crown lampshade sat in a cold, damp garage for probably years.  The frame is beautiful and the original cover orientation was so well done.  The lace crown and lace drop cuff was so pretty lit, the only right thing to do was to reproduce the original idea.   The […]

Victorian Crown Silk Shade Repair, Restore, OHIO

This is one of two Victorian Crown lampshades that are progress.  There are many styles and shapes of Victorian Crown Shades.  The shape of the lampshade frames are so elegant and shapely.  They are so specific in style, as to say, there is nothing “Contemporary” about them. This shade belongs to a couple in which […]

Lamp Shade, Victorian Fringe Lampshade Repair, Restore

Victorian Fringe Lampshade Repair, Restored.  The pictures speak for themselves.  This is a pair of Crown Victorian fringed shades repaired with charmeuse silk.  I used the original trim on these restored shades.                     Removing the original trim to use on newly restored shades is a tedious […]

Victorian Crown Lampshade Restore, NE Ohio

Two Victorian Crown Lampshades in need of repairs.  These shades are deteriorating due to age.  I cannot say what the original cover fabric is, but the new cover will be charmeuse silk. I was able to remove the original trim around the top, middle and bottom without damaging the trim.  Removing old trim is a […]