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Edward Alden Bell Lampshades, Restored, Recovered, Repaired

“Hand Taylored in the Studio of Edward Alden Designs, Detroit”  These two bell floor lampshades were seriously deteriorating.   The covers and liners were brittle and torn.  The top and bottom valances were still in tact.  The lampshade wire frames were in great condition.   The vintage Edward Alden shades were hand sewn.  I estimate […]

Bell Lampshade Restore with Vintage Ruffled Valance, NE Ohio

It is so fun to see the personalized finish and construction technique of vintage shades.     The ruffled trim finish is personal to the artist that created the shade.  I was glad to just have to clean it and not make it!   The original craftsmanship is awesome.   To my surprise, when I […]

Antique Floor Lamp Bell Shade Repair, Restore

Antique Red Floor Lampshades:  The valance is indicative of vintage shades.  The red fabric shades faded over time and they look like rose colored shades.  The cover fabric has deteriorating age spots.  The liners are shredding.   This is my current restoration project!           The shades fit on vintage torch floor lamps.  (the […]

Floor Lamp with Bell Lampshade Restored, Repaired

  This antique bell lampshade was in desperate need of repairs.  The fabric was very discolored and stained from old age.         The original trim was very aged but sewn on, not glued.  As I removed the trim, I could see the inside of the trim was in mint condition.  The original […]

Floor Lamp with Bell Shade Repair, N. Canton, Ohio

Antique Floor Lamp with Bell Shade.  The shade sits on a floor lamp with a globe and 3 cluster bulbs around the globe.    This antique shade was badly stained and the liner shredding from old age. The lampshade wire was rusting.  The rust works its way through the fabric and show visible .   The […]

Gooseneck Floor Lamp Shade Restoration, NE Ohio

The small ivory drum shade has an uno spider fitting so it can hang from the gooseneck floor lamp. The ivory deteriorating shade has been restored with a gold silk cover and cream liner with purple and metallic gold trim.  The shade color and trim look like royalty. The light has a warm golden glow […]

Fortuny Charmeuse Pleated Square Lampshade

  This square pleated shade sits on a glass floor lamp with bulbs that are vertical inside the shade.  To keep the shade a clear distance from the bulbs, I needed to work outside the frame. I wrapped the entire inside frame with grosgrain so the inside of the finished shade looked neat and clean. […]

Candlelight Lampshades on an Old Floor Lamp.

From years ago, I had all these candlelight lampshades and did not know what to do with them. Just for fun, I used socket reducers in the cluster lights around the globe top floor lamp and put my sport candlelight shades on them. It is a fun light.  The clusters are soft lighting and if […]

Large Floor Lamp Drum Shade Restored

This shade sits on a floor lamp with a 3 bulb cluster. One of the spider wires was detached from the frame.  The cover was stapled onto the frame.   The fabric drum lampshade is completely repaired.  The scroll braid is trimmed with old gold soutache to pull in a mirror and other accent pieces near […]