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Candlelight Lampshades Restored, NE Ohio

The candlelight pleated shades go on a desk lamp with two separate lights.  The inside of the shade is styrene (plastic) covered with a muslin pleated fabric.  The unique size makes these shades difficult to replace.   We restored the shades with  Anna Marie Linen styrene (fabric laminated to plastic).  The plastic styrene materials are […]


Two very large (4″ x 25″ x 14 5/8″) contemporary lampshades restored.  The original lampshade had a standard linen fabric laminated styrene shade. After 20 years, the lampshades discolored but their lamp bases are a beautiful accent to their room.  They could not find new lampshades to fit and could not find new lamps they […]

A-Frame Home Spun Linen Lampshades Restored

There are a pair of these shades.  The new cover is Beige Homespun Linen.  This A-frame lampshade is a modern style  and seemed to be a trend in the late 90’s. Even though it looks simple, the arc can be tricky.  The dimensions are 7″ x 22″ x 13″     I started tearing these shades […]

A Much Brighter Lampshade

This is the restored Beige Homespun Linen drum lampshade.  As I mentioned, it really does not look different, other than it is not cracked and the light is brighter. I made a mistake when quoting this shade. Even though the shade measures 14″ top x 16″ bottom x 16.5″ high,  it still took nearly 2/3 of […]