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Lampshade Liners Replaced, Restored Shades

Lampshade Liners Replaced.  Liners shred from age and heat, but the covers are still in great shape.  Just replace the liner!   Keep the original lampshade wire, cover and trim. This oval deco celestial lampshade cover is in great shape.       This oval lampshade cover is in great shape, but the liner started […]


Contemporary Cut Corner Lampshade LINER REPAIR.  The small cut corner lampshade has been restored with a new lamp shade liner.  Not particularly a vintage shade, just small and needs candlelight eco friendly lighting.     The small lampshade cover is in mint condition.  The shade has soft pleated corners.  The cover is a thin cover […]

Lamp Shade Liner Repair, Replace, Victorian “Roseart” Lampshade, New York

Lampshade:  “Custom Taylored by Roseart, Fifth Avenue, New York”  This 35 year old “Roseart” shade was shredding, tearing and turning to dust.  The liner has been replaced.  The brocade cover is in mint condition. Shredding liner:   Replaced Liner:   The original trim was replaced on this victorian brocade lampshade.  The heat from standard light […]


Ballerina Lampshades with replaced liners.  The original covers were replaced after the lamp shade liner repair.     There are probably very few of these shades around today.  The ruffled covers were cleaned using a vacuum and lint roller.  The ruffled covers were three times the size of the lamp shade frame.  

Lampshade Liner Repair, Colonial Ballerina Shades

Colonial Lampshade, Ballerina Lampshade, Early American Lampshade;  I have heard this particular style of shade referred to as any of the above.                             These shade are in for liner repairs.  No easy task.  I am not sure exactly how much I will […]

Antique 1960’s French Drum Lampshades Restored, Relined

These Antique 1960’s French table lampshades are the largest fabric drum shades I have ever worked on.  The dimensions are 18” top by 19” bottom and 20” high.  The “Classic By Diane” lampshades are completely hand sewn, trim and all.  Her lampshades are impeccable.  The golden striped lampshade covers are most unusual.  The shades are […]


This entire set of lamp shades have had the liners replaced.  Beautiful Shades!  One set of shades were Ethan Allan blush colored shades.  The pleated shade is a Westwood lampshade.  The set of gold covered shades did not have identification, but they are very nice deco lampshades.   All the covers of these shades were […]

Alabama Lampshade Liners Replaced, Restored Shades

These two lampshades had shredding liners.  The trim was removed, the liners replaced and the original trim was re-attached.  The bell shade is a Kichler shade.  Kichler lampshades are quality frames and covers.  The liners deteriorate from light exposure.  The lampshade, with the fringe around the top, was not marked but was a very nice […]

Antique Lamp with Adjustable Lampshade, Liner Repair

While I was repairing the liner of this antique pleated lampshade, I could not figure out what kind of fitting held this lampshade on the lamp, or even what the lamp base looked like.  I knew it was vintage.  As promised, my customer sent me pictures of the lamp in its entirety.  What an absolutely […]


This is a group of a variety of lampshades that needed liner replacements.  Each shade was unique in design, shape and construction technique.  Being able to restore lampshade liners, extends the life of historic fabric lampshade covers and shade designers.  The five liner repairs were from two different customers.             […]