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Golden Crown Victorian Lampshade, Missouri

Vintage Custom Restore.  Lampshade Restore.  Vintage Frame.  Vintage Trim.  The original fabric was so unusual.  The original cover was a gold fine fabric like hosiery.  Beautiful finish.  I could not find anything even close to texture, but I was able to restore the “vintage golden glow!”                 This […]

Vintage Pleated Victorian Lampshade, Restore, Recovered, Repaired

I have seen quite a few victorian crown lampshades over the years.  This particular victorian crown shade was different from most of the vintage shades I see.  The center of the shade wires were not arched and the center shade was pleated.  The structured pleated center gave the lampshade a more modern look.   The […]


Crown Victorian Lampshade without fringe.  I could not have been more pleasantly surprised with the lampshade without fringe on the original lamp base. I just could not picture this shade working without the fringe, but the finish without the fringe was beautiful. The lamp base is a beautiful crystal base that belonged to this lady’s […]

Victorian Crown Silk Shade Repair, Restore, OHIO

This is one of two Victorian Crown lampshades that are progress.  There are many styles and shapes of Victorian Crown Shades.  The shape of the lampshade frames are so elegant and shapely.  They are so specific in style, as to say, there is nothing “Contemporary” about them. This shade belongs to a couple in which […]

Victorian Crown Lampshade Restore, NE Ohio

Two Victorian Crown Lampshades in need of repairs.  These shades are deteriorating due to age.  I cannot say what the original cover fabric is, but the new cover will be charmeuse silk. I was able to remove the original trim around the top, middle and bottom without damaging the trim.  Removing old trim is a […]