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Golden Crown Victorian Lampshade, Missouri

Vintage Custom Restore.  Lampshade Restore.  Vintage Frame.  Vintage Trim.  The original fabric was so unusual.  The original cover was a gold fine fabric like hosiery.  Beautiful finish.  I could not find anything even close to texture, but I was able to restore the “vintage golden glow!”                 This […]

Scalloped Lampshade Restored, Recovered

This is a large scalloped top and bottom lampshade.  The liner and cover were both damaged.  Shade liners and covers deteriorate over time.   Not only does the fabric deteriorate, but the covered wires can have rust damage even though no rust signs are obvious.               This shade had […]

Floor Lamp with Bell Lampshade Restored, Repaired

  This antique bell lampshade was in desperate need of repairs.  The fabric was very discolored and stained from old age.         The original trim was very aged but sewn on, not glued.  As I removed the trim, I could see the inside of the trim was in mint condition.  The original […]

Fortuny Charmeuse Pleated Square Lampshade

  This square pleated shade sits on a glass floor lamp with bulbs that are vertical inside the shade.  To keep the shade a clear distance from the bulbs, I needed to work outside the frame. I wrapped the entire inside frame with grosgrain so the inside of the finished shade looked neat and clean. […]