“Paws 4 Flaws” Lampshade Rescue Welcomes You!

Paws – 4 – Flaws

This gallery of Contemporary, Mid Century, Vintage and Classic restored shades are beautiful pieces, but have flaws.  They have been mishandled, overheated and in need of repairs.

As I restored these timeless pieces, I could not ignore the blemishes occurred over time.  I had to brain storm as to how I could make these vintage shades marketable;  Wanted!   In order to cover some very tiny blemishes, I applied a tiny paw over the flaw.

The  Restored Lampshades, otherwise discarded heritage, are now being offered as paying forward to our adored animal friends.

The paws are cut and applied to the shade cover with a heat application.  The paws are securely attached.  The paw presentation is not in random order.

The passion I have for “Saving Our Lighting Heritage” is second to my passion for helping our Animal Planet!

20% of All Sales will be Donated to

Local Animal Health and Well-Being Organizations

Some of the shades are new, complete restores and do not have paws but will still be included in  paying forward .



Any Questions

please email:  ilschaf@yahoo.com


Call:  330-704-4577

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“Loving Memory of Aunt Betty and Uncle Bee”