NYC Antique Historic Repaired Lampshade

This was such an unusual restoration request.  Most always I am replacing the liner or replacing the fabric cover and liner.  Restoring of the shade is typically to save the lamp base.  On this particular project, my service was to save the original cover of this shade.

The orange discoloration is an authentic indication of history.  The hexagon wire is covered with some kind of waxed lightweight cardboard.  It looks like original inked drawings have been decoupaged onto 3 of the panels.    The shade has been held together by an orange cellophane tape over a metallic gold trim. 

 The gentleman who originally owned the shade would be 106 this year (2013) but passed several years ago.   The following is the shade’s heritage by my client.

  “The shade is just beautiful.  The shade was in such disrepair for so long that I barely remember what it looked like all put together.  The shade dates to the middle to late 20’s.  The floor lamp on which it sits is single touchier with a single arm.

 The lamp originally lived comfortably on Riverside Drive, NYC.   The lamp  shade was moved to a townhome in Greenwich Village also in NYC surrounded by beautiful antiques of many different periods.  The lamp is still surrounded by antiques of many periods and is used now, as it  was used then, as a reading lamp.  It proudly sits next to the same red leather chair as it always did.

 Thank you for such a wonderful job.”

Three of the panels have a stamped wheat image.  I imagine stamped because they were identical.  But, three of the six panels had individual hand inked flower drawings attached to the shade.  They are just beautiful.

A very special “Thanks” to my client for the historic information and “Saving Our Lighting Heritage!”