About Us

People often ask how I got into lampshade restoration….

In the late 80″s I signed up for a “Country Lampshade Workshop” at a local craft store.  The instructor commented my work was very neat and professional looking.  I started playing around with old lampshade frames and covering them with different fabrics and trims.  

I entered a craft show at a local mall and had an awesome lampshade display;  didn’t sell anything; but people came back and brought their old shades and asked if I could fix it.  The truth of the matter was, I could not hurt it.  I took their lampshade apart and paid very close attention to how the shade was constructed.  There was much trial and error, learning as I went.  From 1990 to 1995, I restored lampshades out of my home for private customers and a couple interior designers.

Life got very busy with soccer and baseball children, so the shades were put aside to take care of my family.

Most recently (2009), when the economy fell,  I applied for a part time job at a local lighting company.  They did not need any help, but as I was leaving I mentioned that I knew a lot about lamp shades and how to restore them.  They asked me to leave my name and number.  They started referring lampshade customers they could not help.  I now have 3 lighting companies that refer shade customers.