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Victorian Crown Restored for a Capodimonte Lamp

My client found this lamp stored in a basement.  The Capodimonte Lamp and Victorian Crown shade were in remarkable condition considering the storage location.       It must have been a dry basement as there was no rust damage to the wire frame.  The shade had something spilled on it.  It looks like rust, […]

Golden Crown Victorian Lampshade, Missouri

Vintage Custom Restore.  Lampshade Restore.  Vintage Frame.  Vintage Trim.  The original fabric was so unusual.  The original cover was a gold fine fabric like hosiery.  Beautiful finish.  I could not find anything even close to texture, but I was able to restore the “vintage golden glow!”                 This […]

Lamp Shade Liner Repair, Replace, Victorian “Roseart” Lampshade, New York

Lampshade:  “Custom Taylored by Roseart, Fifth Avenue, New York”  This 35 year old “Roseart” shade was shredding, tearing and turning to dust.  The liner has been replaced.  The brocade cover is in mint condition. Shredding liner:   Replaced Liner:   The original trim was replaced on this victorian brocade lampshade.  The heat from standard light […]


This pair of Victorian Lamps with restored Ballerina shades are in mint condition.  These historic lamps are a rare find, especially with original shades.  The lamps are a Keepsake from her Mother. My client was kind enough to share pictures of the restored Ballerina Shades on their Antique Victorian Lamp bases!          Thank […]


Ballerina Lampshades with replaced liners.  The original covers were replaced after the lamp shade liner repair.     There are probably very few of these shades around today.  The ruffled covers were cleaned using a vacuum and lint roller.  The ruffled covers were three times the size of the lamp shade frame.  

Lampshade Recovered, Vintage Victorian Crown Shade

Vintage Victorian Crown Lampshade Restored.  The victorian crown lampshades are so graceful and elegant shades.  The arcs and scalloped frames are like no other.  The vintage trim is beautiful.   Fabric deteriorates over time.  The liners, in particular, are subjected to intense heat.  The eco friendly bulbs, available today, will help the life expectancy of […]


Last project for 2014:   A set of Victorian Scalloped vintage lampshades.   Complete custom restoration project.  Wires treated for rust.  Custom hand sewn cover and liner.  New trim.  Rosette accents! My customer inherited the beautiful lamps.  They have been passed through 2 generations.  The ceramic rose lamp bases are in mint condition, but the […]

Vintage Pleated Victorian Lampshade, Restore, Recovered, Repaired

I have seen quite a few victorian crown lampshades over the years.  This particular victorian crown shade was different from most of the vintage shades I see.  The center of the shade wires were not arched and the center shade was pleated.  The structured pleated center gave the lampshade a more modern look.   The […]

Vintage Bell Lampshade, Recovered, Restored

This unusually deep vintage bell lampshade has been recovered, restored.  The lampshade frame has an 18” top x 19” bottom and 25” deep.                 The new lampshade cover is vegas gold charmeuse silk.     Five of the seven layers of vintage trim has been restored and reapplied […]


This elegant vintage Capodimonte lampshade has been recovered with Ivory Charmeuse Silk.  The original fringe and trim has been restored and used on the new cover.                 My customer was kind enough to give me historic information about this lampshade:   “My Mother was the original purchaser.  The […]