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Lampshade Liners Replaced, Restored Shades

Lampshade Liners Replaced.  Liners shred from age and heat, but the covers are still in great shape.  Just replace the liner!   Keep the original lampshade wire, cover and trim. This oval deco celestial lampshade cover is in great shape.       This oval lampshade cover is in great shape, but the liner started […]

Lampshade Restoration Rescue Shades

I have recently opened a Shop: “Lampshade Rescue, Paws 4 Flaws”   Restored  Replacement Lampshades.   Accent Lighting Lamps. To save some of these higher end vintage lampshades, PAWS have been applied to the FLAWS!   Not all shades have the “signature paws” but all sales are a partial contribution to our local pet rescue organizations. My favorite […]


Cracked and stained vintage contemporary rectangle lampshade restored with Anna Marie Linen styrene.  The lampshade wire was in great shape but the cover is beyond repair.  The only option is to replace the cover.               The lamp for this shade is unique and unusual. My client was kind enough […]


Theme Lampshade;  Keepsake Lampshade;  Personalized Lampshade. The ATV, MX riding season is nearly here!   This Sinisalo riding jersey has been on countless Sportsman Club Ohio Valley Ralley rides.  Powerline Park, Hopedale and Renegade Ridge are just to name a few of the tracks this riding jersey has graced.  The jersey has been turned into a lampshade […]

Lampshade Repair, Lampshade Restored, Silk Sunshine Contemporary Shade

These are the pictures I received for a lampshade repair.  The liner looks brittle but not horrible.  Some jobs I take, I really am not sure if the lampshade is possible to repair.  I do know that the lampshade is not going to make if I don’t at least try.  My biggest concern was that […]

Fox Girl Sport Lampshade

A favorite shirt; a favorite sport;  MX Motocross Fox lampshade.  This small accent lampshade was made for a real Fox Girl.  She lives, races and wears MX Sportswear.  This was one of her favorite shirts, now it’s her favorite lampshade.  At least her favorite lampshade until I get ahold of an old riding jersey!   […]

Lampshade Sport Jersey, Thor Motocross Race Jersey

You probably are wondering what Lampshade and Motocross could possibly have in common.  My son raced Motocross since 1997.  Over the years we went through dozens of jerseys.  Besides outgrowing them, they would get stained and torn over night!   A while back I asked him to bring a couple of his old jerseys over.  […]

Lampshade Repair / Restoration, Stark County, Ohio

This beautiful frame is a Kichler lampshade.  It is covered with an ivory shantung.  The liner was deteriorating.  The owner of the lamp decided to replace the shade with something new.  I was fortunate enough to get ahold of the shade before it was disposed of.  The Kichler lampshade wire has such nice curves. An […]

American Flag Theme Lampshade, Porch Light

I  put this American theme lampshade on my front porch light.  It is just a cotton fabric shade and I am not sure how long it will hold up in the outdoors.   The lampshade was made in 1991 when my shade business was “Lampshade Gallery.”   The shade has been  kept in a box […]