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Raw Silk Lampshade Restored, Recovered

Raw silk is a very rustic loose woven fabric.  Raw silk was used on vintage shades.  Not too many around today.  The fabric gets nubby as it ages.  The fabric looks very different when the light is on!  Shockingly different. The original vintage raw silk drum shade was damaged while my client was relocating.   […]


Cracked and stained vintage contemporary rectangle lampshade restored with Anna Marie Linen styrene.  The lampshade wire was in great shape but the cover is beyond repair.  The only option is to replace the cover.               The lamp for this shade is unique and unusual. My client was kind enough […]

Rembrandt Vintage Lampshades, Restored

Vintage Rembrandt Lamps have such stature.  Lamps of prestige and prominence.  The drum lampshades are distinctive and trimmed to accent the lamp bases.  The lampshades for these lamps deteriorate.   The covers wear and tear.  The liners shred over time.   Rembrandt lampshade wires are strong and made to rest on glass globes.  The vertical […]

Vintage Lampshade Restored, Cherub Lamp, New Mexico

This lampshade sits on a cherub lamp.  It is a hard backed lampshade.   The top spider wire dives into the lampshade approximately 12 inches.   The original lampshade was cracked and splitting.  The original shade is my pattern for the new cover.  I had to tape the cracked plastic liner to hold the form […]

Antique Ormolu Lampshade Repair, Recover, Restore

Ormolu is a golden finish applied to decorative furniture, clocks and lighting.  This original Ormolu lamp was modified and is now an electric lamp.  The ornate finish on the lamp base is Ormolu. The original shade was so delicate and fragile.  The shade was cardboard between two pieces of fabric and stitching around the outside.  The […]


The top of the wire frame of this vintage Stiffel lampshade came loose from the styrene (hard shell) shade.  The shallow drum shade has a reflector connected to the spider wire.               The top wire of vintage lampshades can be re-attached. With pleasure, I was able to repair this […]


“Black Out” lampshades are shades that do not allow any light to come through the fabric cover.  The lighting is directional.  The black out shades typically accent the lamp and allow minimal lighting.               These rose / mauve lampshades (2) were originally a deep burgundy but sunlight faded the fabric […]

Burlap Lampshade for Antique Jug Lamp Base

You really don’t know how difficult it is to match a shade to a lamp base until you purchase a lamp base without a shade.  My customer purchased this vintage jug lamp base without a lampshade.    She could not find just the right shade that would accent the vintage jug lamp base.   She […]


This small narrow drum lampshade yellowed over time.  The hard shell cover cracked and the trim was falling off.  The rose velvet trim was taking on a new color and the delicate metallic trim lost its glow.   I restored the shade with an Anna Marie Linen.  The hard shell material used to recover these […]

Vintage Drum Lampshade Restored, Repaired, OHIO

Large fabric laminated drum lampshades were popular in the 50’s and 60’s.  These very large shades have deep recessed top spider wires.  The shades were decorated to coordinate with the lamp bases.  This particular shade was trimmed with a diamond cut gold leaf cardboard trim outlined with turquoise soutache.   The fabric laminated covers dry […]