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Antique Floor Lamp Bell Shade Repair, Restore

Antique Red Floor Lampshades:  The valance is indicative of vintage shades.  The red fabric shades faded over time and they look like rose colored shades.  The cover fabric has deteriorating age spots.  The liners are shredding.   This is my current restoration project!           The shades fit on vintage torch floor lamps.  (the […]

Antique Candlelight Lampshade Repair, Cleveland, Ohio

Fabric deteriorates over time.   This pair of antique candlelight shades had to be restored to be able to use the antique gooseneck desktop lamp.   The two candlelight shades have an uno fitting.   Both shades fit a small lamp with two gooseneck fittings for the shades.   The uno fitting screws onto the […]

Pleated Lampshades Shredding Like Paper

The slightly belled lampshade frames are very pretty with a scalloped top and bottom wire.  This pair of pleated covered lampshades is shredding,  just like paper.  It is hard to believe it is fabric.     These are two of three identical shades I have restored this year.   All three have had a shredding […]

Vintage Drum Lampshade Repair, Canton Ohio

The lamp base will last forever but lampshades deteriorate over time.  This old, stained, tearing vintage lampshade with beautiful red velvet and old gold trim was a beautiful shade at one time  These large drum shades with a scalloped frame bottom were trimmed to match the lamp base.  The lamp belonged to my customers’ mother. […]

Contemporary Lampshade Restore, Repair, Replace, NE Ohio

Over time, sunlight will fade any color shade, but it is most obvious on a black shade.  This A-frame contemporary lampshade use to be black.  I really wasn’t sure when my customer brought it to me.   I will be using an ebony black slub fabric to restore the cover and ivory silk charmeuse  for […]

Victorian Crown Silk Shade Repair, Restore, OHIO

This is one of two Victorian Crown lampshades that are progress.  There are many styles and shapes of Victorian Crown Shades.  The shape of the lampshade frames are so elegant and shapely.  They are so specific in style, as to say, there is nothing “Contemporary” about them. This shade belongs to a couple in which […]

Crown Victorian Lampshade Frame Repair / Restore / OHIO

Victorian Crown Lampshade Wire Repair.  This shade is in the process of being restored.  The original fabric was seriously damaged.  The crown and bottom scallops were covered with lace and the center of the frame was a solid fabric.  A very pretty delicate looking design. The entire frame was wrapped with a cotton twill.  As […]

Floor Lamp with Bell Shade Repair, N. Canton, Ohio

Antique Floor Lamp with Bell Shade.  The shade sits on a floor lamp with a globe and 3 cluster bulbs around the globe.    This antique shade was badly stained and the liner shredding from old age. The lampshade wire was rusting.  The rust works its way through the fabric and show visible .   The […]


This was such an unusual restoration request.  Most always I am replacing the liner or replacing the fabric cover and liner.  Restoring of the shade is typically to save the lamp base.  On this particular project, my service was to save the original cover of this shade.   The orange discoloration is an authentic indication […]

Desktop Lampshade Repair / Restore, NE Ohio

A gentleman purchased this brass candlelight cluster desktop lamp at a resale shop.  He contacted me for repairs to this very unique lamp.  I can see why he was so intrigued with the lamp.  This small desktop lamp has candle lights that swivel, a brass arrow that adjusts the shade height and a brass wreath […]