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Estate Lampshade Restore, Stan Hywet Music Room, Akron, Ohio

Estate sconce / candlelight historic lampshade restoration project for the Stan Hywet Estate.  This is an ongoing blog in real time of the restoration project.   Currently, I am restoring the wire frames for the sconce / candlelight shades.   There has been a lot of work going on.  Dismantling the fabric from the lampshade wires has […]


Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens is located in Akron, Ohio.  The “home” is the former American Country Estate of F.A. Seiberling, co-founder of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.   Stan Hywet historic estate is restoring the Music Room.  I have the honor of restoring all the sconce and chandelier shades in the Music Room. […]

Lampshade Liner Repair, Colonial Ballerina Shades

Colonial Lampshade, Ballerina Lampshade, Early American Lampshade;  I have heard this particular style of shade referred to as any of the above.                             These shade are in for liner repairs.  No easy task.  I am not sure exactly how much I will […]

Scalloped Lampshade Restored, Recovered

This is a large scalloped top and bottom lampshade.  The liner and cover were both damaged.  Shade liners and covers deteriorate over time.   Not only does the fabric deteriorate, but the covered wires can have rust damage even though no rust signs are obvious.               This shade had […]

Lampshade, Shade Liner Repair, Restore, Alabama

These two shades are currently being restored with lampshade liners.  One is a Kichler lampshade. Kicher lampshades have high quality wire frames and cover fabric.  The other lampshade is not marked.  The frame is a nice frame with an unusual sophisticated finish.   I like the time that was spent on detailing this lampshade.  The […]

Vintage Bell Lampshade, Recovered, Restored

I am currently restoring an old gold colored vintage bell lampshade with vegas gold charmeuse silk.  The lampshade frame is in excellent condition.  The shade sits on a globe lamp.                         The lampshade has 5 layers of trim around the top including a scroll […]

Fringed Vintage Victorian Lampshade Restored, PA

Antique Victorian lampshade restoration project.  This vintage wire frame was in mint condition.  Had I not taken the original cover off, I would have thought the wire was a new purchase and sent to me to be recovered.  My customer said the shade has only been in three homes.               […]

Vintage Fringe Victorian Lampshade, Recover / Restore, PA

This Vintage Victorian Lampshade is my current restoration project.   This beautiful frame has a slender chimney top and flares out to a scallop with a drop cuff.  The ivory shade cover is trimmed with a brassy gold trim and fringe.               The liner appears to have been cut […]

Lampshade Fabric Loose and Sagging? Turn the light ON!

If your lampshade cover is sagging and looks loose during the rainy spring season, Turn The Light ON!  Fabric absorbs moisture.  These Rembrandt lampshades were delivered about 10:00 am for repair.  The covers were drum tight.   As the day went on, the weather turned rainy and damp.  Just a few hours of rain and […]

Bell Lampshade Restore with Vintage Ruffled Valance, NE Ohio

It is so fun to see the personalized finish and construction technique of vintage shades.     The ruffled trim finish is personal to the artist that created the shade.  I was glad to just have to clean it and not make it!   The original craftsmanship is awesome.   To my surprise, when I […]