Stan Hywet Music Room Lampshade Restore, Fabric

The Stan Hywet Project!  The following is the fabric information for the sconce / candlelight lampshades being restored for the Music Room.

The fabric and color has been decided upon with help from a team of professionals in the industry.  It is impossible to get an exact match to historic fabric, color and pleat but we have duplicated as close as humanly possible!  The original cover color was an old gold, believe it or not!  The only way we could tell the actual color was the fabric under the trim where the fabric was not exposed to light or heat.  I gently washed multiple shade covers to get the best possible original color.

The cover fabric is silk broadcloth.  The silk broadcloth has the grain identical to the original fabric.  The silk broadcloth was also the correct weight and texture for pleating.  However, the fabric only came in white or ivory.


silk broadcloth, ivory, natural, fabric

Ivory Silk Broadcloth


The many yards of fabric, along with samples of the original covers, was sent to be dyed.  The old gold color is a perfect match!   The gold fabric will be warm soft lighting.


silk, broadcloth, oldgold, dyed

Silk Broadcloth Dyed Old Gold to Match Original Historic Shades


Now that the silk broadcloth was the correct color, the fabric needed to be pleated.  The pleating company miraculously matched the pleating of the original historic covers.  Not an easy task as the pleats needed to be very small and a little inconsistent.  Keep in mind these tiny shades, at the tallest point on the sconces, is 5 inches.  


silk, broadcloth, dyed, pleated, historic, lampshades

Pleated Silk Broadcloth


The ivory silk broadcloth is also being used for the liner.  

Cameras and computers have their own color image!

Thank you for your interest!

Victorian Crown Restored for a Capodimonte Lamp

My client found this lamp stored in a basement.  The Capodimonte Lamp and Victorian Crown shade were in remarkable condition considering the storage location.  


capodimonte, victorian crown, lampshade,

Capodimonte Lamp with Victorian Crown Lampshade


It must have been a dry basement as there was no rust damage to the wire frame.  The shade had something spilled on it.  It looks like rust, but it is not.  


victorian, crown, capodimonte, large, lampshade, damaged

Damaged Victorian Crown Lampshade


The original shade trim was sewn.  NO adhesive.  This plays a big factor in preserving the original trims.  Some of the trim had the orange stain.  I used strips of the new silk fabric and weaved it through, replacing the damaged trim.  It worked out great.  


crown, victorian, lampshade, restore, repair, silk

Restored Crown of a Capodimonte Lampshade


This Victorian Crown shade is one of the largest crown shades I have restored.  The shade is completely hand sewn, including the trim. 

victorian, crown, charmeuse, silk, restore, lampshade,

Victorian Crown Restored with Charmeuse Silk, Original Trim

victorian, crown, capodimonte, almpshade, restored, silk, sewn, original, trim

Victorian Crown Lampshade, Restored with Silk Charmeuse

Estate Lampshade Restore, Stan Hywet Music Room, Akron, Ohio

Estate sconce / candlelight historic lampshade restoration project for the Stan Hywet Estate.  This is an ongoing blog in real time of the restoration project.   Currently, I am restoring the wire frames for the sconce / candlelight shades.   There has been a lot of work going on.  Dismantling the fabric from the lampshade wires has been a messy job!


lampshade, sconce, historic, mess, shade, restore 1

Historic Sconce Lampshade Restore Project. Messy Job!


The original pleated shade covers were pretty much intact.   Due to coal heat back in the 1930’s – 1950’s, the lampshades had a coating of soot.   These sconce / candlelight shades are the original wires shown in the historic pictures of the Music Room!


lampshade, candlelight, restore, museum, shades 2

Antique Candlelight Lampshades, Stan Hywet Music Room Chandelier Shades

lampshade, sconce, antique, estate, stanhywet 3

Estate Sconce Original Lampshade Restore Project, Stan Hywet









The wires needed their fair share of attention.  Most of the 66 sconce shades needed weld repairs.  The 36 candlelight shade wires were a of “hook” construction, with a spot weld.  The wires swayed quite a bit, but were not broke apart.   The candlelight wires did not require weld repairs and tightened up after being cleaned and waxed.


lampshade, candlelight, wire, historic, frames, stanhywet 4

Antique Chandelier Candlelight Shade

lampshade, sonce, restore, estate, museum, shades

Sconce Lampshade Wire Frames, Historic Shades









All the wires have been cleaned with steel wool and have two coats of sealant wax to protect them from corrosion or rust.  

Next step:  twill wrapping all the wires!


lampshade, candlelight, sconce, museum, estate, restore, stanhywet, shades

Chandelier, Sconce Lampshade Wire Frames Restored



To view the project in its entirety to this point, please visit

STAN HYWET MUSIC ROOM Sconce and Candlelight Lampshades



As I am dismantling these historic shades, I realized I did not have a visual of what the chandelier and sconce lamp pieces actually looked like.

Upon request, Stan Hywet curators sent pictures of the the lighting fixtures.  The following are pictures of the room in its’ entirety and a picture of the lighting fixture.

stan hywet, historic, music room, chandelier, restore, lampshades

Stan Hywet 1916 Music Room


Stan Hywet Chandelier 1916, lampshades, restore

Stan Hywet 1916 Chandelier Restore Project for the Music Room


Stan Hywet 1930, Music Room, Chandelier, Restore Project, historic

Stan Hywet 1930 Music Room, Historic Estate


Music Room Chandelier 1930, historic, estate, akron, ohio, lampshade, restore

Stan Hywet Music Room 1930, Lampshade Restore Project, Historic Estate


Stan Hywet Costume Party Sconce Lights

Stan Hywet, Historic Estate, Costume Party


Stan Hywet Costume Party, Akron, Ohio, Historic Estate

Stan Hywet Costume Party, Historic Estate, Sconce Lampshade Restore Project


Stan Hywet, Music Room, 2016, lampshade restore project

Stan Hywet Music Room 2016 Lampshade Restore Project, Akron, Ohio


Stan Hywet Music Room, akron, ohio, historic, estate, restore project

Stan Hywet 2016, Music Room Lampshade Restore Project, Akron, Ohio


I feel so honored!


Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens is located in Akron, Ohio.  The “home” is the former American Country Estate of F.A. Seiberling, co-founder of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company.  

Stan Hywet historic estate is restoring the Music Room.  I have the honor of restoring all the sconce and chandelier shades in the Music Room.  


lampshades, sconce, candlelight, historic, shade, restore,

Stan Hywet Music Room Sconce and Candlelight Lampshades


Three (3) file boxes hold 102 shades!   There are 66 sconce shades that go around the room.  Three chandeliers hold 12 shades each for a total of 36 candlelight shades.

My first plan of action is to clean the shades to see what color they actually are!  I will only clean using a lint roller and a sweeper.   I am thinking I will try and use a lint roller first just to keep the dust down to a minimum.  There is a black soot dust on the shades due to coal heat back in the day.  This is a clear indication of “historic” authenticity!

I will be blogging throughout this restoration project.  The blogs will be in current time.  I will also be building a “page” on my website with the project in full.  More to Come!

Thank you for your interest!

Lampshade Liners Replaced, Restored Shades

Lampshade Liners Replaced.  Liners shred from age and heat, but the covers are still in great shape.  Just replace the liner!   Keep the original lampshade wire, cover and trim.

This oval deco celestial lampshade cover is in great shape.  



Celestial Oval Lampshade


This oval lampshade cover is in great shape, but the liner started deteriorating and splitting.



Oval Lampshade Liner Splitting


The new liner is silk.  Silk is the best liner fabric when restoring a dark colored lampshade.



Silk Liner on an Oval Dark Colored Lampshade


Shredding liners are a danger.   Replace the shade or restore the original shade with a new liner and use LED Light bulbs.  The LED bulbs do not get hot!  They can be on for hours and still be cool to the touch!


My client was kind enough to send a picture of the restored lampshade in its’ living space.



Oval Floor Lampshade Restored and Home

Lampshade, Gold Deco Fabric LampShade Restore, Accent Lighting

Deco Lamp, gold fabric lampshade with copper accents, complete restore.  Replacing a deco fabric cover on a lampshade is one of the most challenging tasks.  It is very difficult to match vintage fabric when trying to preserve and match the original trim fabric.   Most often, I have to find a fabric that will blend since the original fabric is no longer in existence.


lampshade, original, gold, fabric, vintage, deco, shade

Original Gold Fabric Lampshade Cover


Interesting fact:  most important to my clientele is to preserve the lighting color of the original lampshade.

This lampshade was splitting where the decorative vertical bias trim was adhered to the lampshade.  This vertical bias trim is only decorative and is applied with an adhesive.


lampshade, gold, deco, shade, gold, split, cover

Deco Lampshade Cover Splitting where Vertical Bias Seams are Applied with an Adhesive


I never know what I am going to find underneath the trim and fabric.  On this particular shade, the adhesive weakened the fabric and also was damaging the wire frame.  The frame had to be cleaned as well as restored back to good condition.


lampshade, damaged, adhesive, wire, restore

Lampshade Wire Damaged from Trim Applied with Adhesive


The metal frame had many varying degrees of color.  The only option was to prime, paint and wax the metal frame back to a uniform color.


lampshade, wire, frame, restore, shade

Restored Lampshade Wire Frame


After a multitude of fabric color samples, I did find a golden fabric that blended and coordinated with the original pleated cuff and top bias trim.    No Vertical Bias Trim!


lampshade, restored, gold, lighting, deco, lamp, shade

Restored Golden Deco Lampshade with Original Cuff and Trims, Accent Lighting


A special “Thanks” to my client for sharing pics of this beautiful restored Golden Lampshade with the original lamp base.  Accent Lighting!


lampshade, restore, gold, light, deco, lamp, shade

Restored Golden Lampshade on Deco Lamp, Accent Lighting


Thank you for your time and interest!

Vintage Lampshade Found in Crawl Space of Historic Home

This beautiful lampshade was found in the crawl space of a Home on the Historic Register in Centerville, Utah.  The crawl space was dry but had no protective wrap and was under other objects.


historic, home, centerville, utah, lampshade, vintage, shade

Historic Home in Centerville, Utah


The was covered with dust.  All the panels had been hand painted.  The center “cameo” is a picture of a bird, maybe a dove.  The lampshade cover was sealed with a clear hardening finish.

lampshade, vintage, historic, dust, fragile, shade

Historic Lampshade found in crawl space of Centerville, Utah Home


I swept the historic lampshade using a computer vac and various brush and crevice fittings.


lampshade, historic, vintage, clean, sweep, shade

Vintage Shade in Crawl Space of Historic Home


I was able to remove the cover in one piece.  My client is using the historic cover in a framed display.


lampshade, vintage, sealant, painted, panels, shade

Vintage Lampshade Cover Removed From Historic Frame


Attached is a link to a “Page” with more information and pictures.

Thank you for your time and interest!


Lampshade Restoration Rescue Shades

lampshade, rescue, paws, wildlife, donation, boudior, shade, lamp, forsale

I have recently opened a Shop: “Lampshade Rescue, Paws 4 Flaws”   Restored  Replacement Lampshades.   Accent Lighting Lamps.

To save some of these higher end vintage lampshades, PAWS have been applied to the FLAWS!   Not all shades have the “signature paws” but all sales are a partial contribution to our local pet rescue organizations.

My favorite is Accent Lighting.  I have been working on a collection of Accent Lighting.   The collection will consist of Rescued Lamps with Custom Accent Shades.   I will be adding  a new Rescue each month.

I am so passionate about our animal planet,

Pets and Wildlife.

Pause for moment and visit


Thank you for your time and interest.

Historic Lampshades Restored for NAROMI LAND TRUST EVENT, Connecticut

Two “Keepsake” lamps with restored shades will be featured in a home of the NAROMI LAND TRUST Festival of Dinners!  The room is gorgeous!  Such an honor.


lampshade, restored, naromilandtrust, festivalofdinners, connecticut,

Home hosting a dinner for the Naromi Land Trust Event, Restored Historic Shades


gooseneck, floor, lamp, restored

Restored Historic Gooseneck

vintage, bell, lampshade, restored,

Restored Vintage Bell Lampshade with Original Fringe








Naromi Land Trust.  Forever.  Sherman.


Of the two shades, the gooseneck was the oldest.  The wire frame of this lampshade has the vertical wires hooked to the horizontal frame.  The craftsmanship of the wire frame was amazing!

historic, lampshade, wire, gooseneck, craftsmanship

Historic Gooseneck Lampshade Wire Frame


The gooseneck was restored with gold charmeuse silk and the cover is an ivory silk.  When the light is not on, it looks to be a creme colored shade!  When the light is on, it is a golden glow.  The shade wire is completely wrapped to protect the silk fabric from laying on the wire.  Fabric and trim are custom hand sewn.

historic, original, gooseneck, lampshade

Historic Gooseneck Lampshade to be Restored

gooseneck, lampshade, historic, craftsmanship, frame

Historic lampshade wire frame craftsmanship









Restored Historic Gooseneck Lampshade


The vintage bell looked to be a creme color but when for down, it was actually a metallic gold.  We restored this bell with beige silk charmeuse and lined with old gold silk charmeuse.  This lampshade wire was also wrapped and hand sewn in its entirety.



Vintage Bell Lampshade with Fringe


Vintage Bell Lampshade restored with Original Fringe























It gives me great pleasure to restore for a community in which “preservation” is their commitment.