Victorian Crown Restored for a Capodimonte Lamp

My client found this lamp stored in a basement.  The Capodimonte Lamp and Victorian Crown shade were in remarkable condition considering the storage location.  


capodimonte, victorian crown, lampshade,

Capodimonte Lamp with Victorian Crown Lampshade


It must have been a dry basement as there was no rust damage to the wire frame.  The shade had something spilled on it.  It looks like rust, but it is not.  


victorian, crown, capodimonte, large, lampshade, damaged

Damaged Victorian Crown Lampshade


The original shade trim was sewn.  NO adhesive.  This plays a big factor in preserving the original trims.  Some of the trim had the orange stain.  I used strips of the new silk fabric and weaved it through, replacing the damaged trim.  It worked out great.  


crown, victorian, lampshade, restore, repair, silk

Restored Crown of a Capodimonte Lampshade


This Victorian Crown shade is one of the largest crown shades I have restored.  The shade is completely hand sewn, including the trim. 

victorian, crown, charmeuse, silk, restore, lampshade,

Victorian Crown Restored with Charmeuse Silk, Original Trim

victorian, crown, capodimonte, almpshade, restored, silk, sewn, original, trim

Victorian Crown Lampshade, Restored with Silk Charmeuse

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