Estate Lampshade Restore, Stan Hywet Music Room, Akron, Ohio

Estate sconce / candlelight historic lampshade restoration project for the Stan Hywet Estate.  This is an ongoing blog in real time of the restoration project.   Currently, I am restoring the wire frames for the sconce / candlelight shades.   There has been a lot of work going on.  Dismantling the fabric from the lampshade wires has been a messy job!


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Historic Sconce Lampshade Restore Project. Messy Job!


The original pleated shade covers were pretty much intact.   Due to coal heat back in the 1930’s – 1950’s, the lampshades had a coating of soot.   These sconce / candlelight shades are the original wires shown in the historic pictures of the Music Room!


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Antique Candlelight Lampshades, Stan Hywet Music Room Chandelier Shades

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Estate Sconce Original Lampshade Restore Project, Stan Hywet









The wires needed their fair share of attention.  Most of the 66 sconce shades needed weld repairs.  The 36 candlelight shade wires were a of “hook” construction, with a spot weld.  The wires swayed quite a bit, but were not broke apart.   The candlelight wires did not require weld repairs and tightened up after being cleaned and waxed.


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Antique Chandelier Candlelight Shade

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Sconce Lampshade Wire Frames, Historic Shades









All the wires have been cleaned with steel wool and have two coats of sealant wax to protect them from corrosion or rust.  

Next step:  twill wrapping all the wires!


lampshade, candlelight, sconce, museum, estate, restore, stanhywet, shades

Chandelier, Sconce Lampshade Wire Frames Restored



To view the project in its entirety to this point, please visit

STAN HYWET MUSIC ROOM Sconce and Candlelight Lampshades


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