As I am dismantling these historic shades, I realized I did not have a visual of what the chandelier and sconce lamp pieces actually looked like.

Upon request, Stan Hywet curators sent pictures of the the lighting fixtures.  The following are pictures of the room in its’ entirety and a picture of the lighting fixture.

stan hywet, historic, music room, chandelier, restore, lampshades

Stan Hywet 1916 Music Room


Stan Hywet Chandelier 1916, lampshades, restore

Stan Hywet 1916 Chandelier Restore Project for the Music Room


Stan Hywet 1930, Music Room, Chandelier, Restore Project, historic

Stan Hywet 1930 Music Room, Historic Estate


Music Room Chandelier 1930, historic, estate, akron, ohio, lampshade, restore

Stan Hywet Music Room 1930, Lampshade Restore Project, Historic Estate


Stan Hywet Costume Party Sconce Lights

Stan Hywet, Historic Estate, Costume Party


Stan Hywet Costume Party, Akron, Ohio, Historic Estate

Stan Hywet Costume Party, Historic Estate, Sconce Lampshade Restore Project


Stan Hywet, Music Room, 2016, lampshade restore project

Stan Hywet Music Room 2016 Lampshade Restore Project, Akron, Ohio


Stan Hywet Music Room, akron, ohio, historic, estate, restore project

Stan Hywet 2016, Music Room Lampshade Restore Project, Akron, Ohio


I feel so honored!

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