Lampshade Liners Replaced, Restored Shades

Lampshade Liners Replaced.  Liners shred from age and heat, but the covers are still in great shape.  Just replace the liner!   Keep the original lampshade wire, cover and trim.

This oval deco celestial lampshade cover is in great shape.  



Celestial Oval Lampshade


This oval lampshade cover is in great shape, but the liner started deteriorating and splitting.



Oval Lampshade Liner Splitting


The new liner is silk.  Silk is the best liner fabric when restoring a dark colored lampshade.



Silk Liner on an Oval Dark Colored Lampshade


Shredding liners are a danger.   Replace the shade or restore the original shade with a new liner and use LED Light bulbs.  The LED bulbs do not get hot!  They can be on for hours and still be cool to the touch!


My client was kind enough to send a picture of the restored lampshade in its’ living space.



Oval Floor Lampshade Restored and Home

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