Lampshade, Gold Deco Fabric LampShade Restore, Accent Lighting

Deco Lamp, gold fabric lampshade with copper accents, complete restore.  Replacing a deco fabric cover on a lampshade is one of the most challenging tasks.  It is very difficult to match vintage fabric when trying to preserve and match the original trim fabric.   Most often, I have to find a fabric that will blend since the original fabric is no longer in existence.


lampshade, original, gold, fabric, vintage, deco, shade

Original Gold Fabric Lampshade Cover


Interesting fact:  most important to my clientele is to preserve the lighting color of the original lampshade.

This lampshade was splitting where the decorative vertical bias trim was adhered to the lampshade.  This vertical bias trim is only decorative and is applied with an adhesive.


lampshade, gold, deco, shade, gold, split, cover

Deco Lampshade Cover Splitting where Vertical Bias Seams are Applied with an Adhesive


I never know what I am going to find underneath the trim and fabric.  On this particular shade, the adhesive weakened the fabric and also was damaging the wire frame.  The frame had to be cleaned as well as restored back to good condition.


lampshade, damaged, adhesive, wire, restore

Lampshade Wire Damaged from Trim Applied with Adhesive


The metal frame had many varying degrees of color.  The only option was to prime, paint and wax the metal frame back to a uniform color.


lampshade, wire, frame, restore, shade

Restored Lampshade Wire Frame


After a multitude of fabric color samples, I did find a golden fabric that blended and coordinated with the original pleated cuff and top bias trim.    No Vertical Bias Trim!


lampshade, restored, gold, lighting, deco, lamp, shade

Restored Golden Deco Lampshade with Original Cuff and Trims, Accent Lighting


A special “Thanks” to my client for sharing pics of this beautiful restored Golden Lampshade with the original lamp base.  Accent Lighting!


lampshade, restore, gold, light, deco, lamp, shade

Restored Golden Lampshade on Deco Lamp, Accent Lighting


Thank you for your time and interest!

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