Vintage Lampshade Found in Crawl Space of Historic Home

This beautiful lampshade was found in the crawl space of a Home on the Historic Register in Centerville, Utah.  The crawl space was dry but had no protective wrap and was under other objects.


historic, home, centerville, utah, lampshade, vintage, shade

Historic Home in Centerville, Utah


The was covered with dust.  All the panels had been hand painted.  The center “cameo” is a picture of a bird, maybe a dove.  The lampshade cover was sealed with a clear hardening finish.

lampshade, vintage, historic, dust, fragile, shade

Historic Lampshade found in crawl space of Centerville, Utah Home


I swept the historic lampshade using a computer vac and various brush and crevice fittings.


lampshade, historic, vintage, clean, sweep, shade

Vintage Shade in Crawl Space of Historic Home


I was able to remove the cover in one piece.  My client is using the historic cover in a framed display.


lampshade, vintage, sealant, painted, panels, shade

Vintage Lampshade Cover Removed From Historic Frame


Attached is a link to a “Page” with more information and pictures.

Thank you for your time and interest!


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