Raw Silk Lampshade Restored, Recovered

Raw silk is a very rustic loose woven fabric.  Raw silk was used on vintage shades.  Not too many around today.  The fabric gets nubby as it ages.  The fabric looks very different when the light is on!  Shockingly different.

The original vintage raw silk drum shade was damaged while my client was relocating.

lampshade, vintage, raw, silk, original

Original Vintage Raw Silk Lampshade


This is the restored lampshade.  The cover looks rustic but rather a light color.



Restored Vintage Raw Silk Drum Lampshade


As you can see, with the light on, the lampshade is dark, textured and very rustic!


lamp, shade, raw, silk, restore, vintge, repair

Restored Raw Silk Shade on Original Lamp Base


The lamp as whole is a beautiful piece!

Many “Thanks” to my Client for Sharing

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