F. Cooper Pleated Lampshade Liner Repair

The small pleated F. Cooper forest green lampshade cover still going strong, but the liner and trim was disintegrating.  We replaced the liner but the trim was beyond repair.



F. Cooper Pleated Green Lampshade Liner Repair


As you can see, the pleated cover was backed with a grey underlay.  Some fabrics are transparent and need to backed so the light bulb does not show through when the light is on.  This is standard for most dark fabric covered shades.

The trim was beyond repair.  We tried, with a vengeance, to restore the trim because matching the vintage green cover was not going to be an easy task.  With no success at saving the trim, we dyed trim with multiple colors repeatedly to match the green shade cover.

You can see how small the actual shade is.  The petite shades are my favorites!



F. Cooper Small Pleated Lampshade with Liner Replaced


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