Vintage Lamp Shade Restore, Silk and Chennille Trim

Restored Small Drum Vintage Contemporary Lampshade.  The new cover is Ivory Charmeuse Silk with coordinatingIvory Chennile trim.  Cleaned wire; Replaced Cover;  Line & New Trim

This vintage shade cover was stapled.  I have seen this many times and cannot imagine actually getting a clean finish stapling the material onto the frame!   I am just guessing, but I believe the stapling technique to be a manufacturers technique in the 50’s.  That is my guess.

The liner was removed years prior.  Most likely due to dry rot from lighting.  The liners shred and turn to dust.  It is the best idea to remove the liners when they get brittle.  It really can be a hazardous situation if not removed.


lamp shade, vintage, drum, restore

Vintage Drum Shade Before Restoration


The cover fabric was also getting brittle and started to tear.  It only takes slight, next to nothing, pressure to split the fabric when it gets this weak.


Vintage, drum, original shade, lamp shade,

Original Vintage Drum Shade Cover in for Restoration


The original trim was a ruffled fabric woven in with a braid trim.  The fabric in the trim was dry rotted as well.  I could not reuse the trim.


Original trim, vintage, ruffle,

Original Vintage Trim on Drum Lampshade


I used Ivory Charmeuse Silk for the new cover.  The Charmeuse Silk is a beautiful, elegant, rich finish.  The silk cover does not absorb dust and dirt making it easy to maintain.  It only takes a soft cloth to brush the dust off.  The fabric ages with grace!

Since I was not able to restore the vintage trim, I used a Chenille ivory trim on the restored shade.  It was a perfect match.  The trim complimented the cover fabric.



Restored Vintage Drum Lampshade with Charmeuse Silk and Chenille Trim.


My client was kind enough to send a picture of the lamp in its entirety. 

Thank You for Sharing!

lamp, lamp shade, vintage, silk, replace, cover, trim, recover

Vintage Restored Drum Lampshade on Original Lampbase

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