Lamp Shade Liner Repair, Replace, Victorian “Roseart” Lampshade, New York

Lampshade:  “Custom Taylored by Roseart, Fifth Avenue, New York”  This 35 year old “Roseart” shade was shredding, tearing and turning to dust.  The liner has been replaced.  The brocade cover is in mint condition.

Shredding liner:


Lampshade Liner Repair, “Roseart” Shade, New York


Replaced Liner:


Victorian “Roseart” New York Lampshade Liner Replaced


The original trim was replaced on this victorian brocade lampshade.  The heat from standard light bulbs concentrates in the tunnel of these lampshades.   Using eco friendly bulbs is critical to preserving these lampshades.



Victorain “Roseart” New York Lampshade Liner Repair

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