Lampshade Liner Repair, Colonial Ballerina Shades

Colonial Lampshade, Ballerina Lampshade, Early American Lampshade;  I have heard this particular style of shade referred to as any of the above.

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Colonial Ballerina Antique Lamp

Antique, Vintage Ceramic / Porcelain Lamp Base

Vintage Ceramic / Porcelain Lamp Base with Gold Accents














lampshades, colonial, ballerina, early american, liner, repair, restore

Antique Ballerina Lampshades


These shade are in for liner repairs.  No easy task.  I am not sure exactly how much I will have to take apart to get to the liners.

lampshade, liner, repair, replace, restore, vintage, early american, shades

Early American, Colonial Lampshades in for Liner Repairs


liner, repair, lampshade, replace, restore,

Vintage Colonial Lampshade Liner Repair


I have started by just cleaning the dust off.  I have swept them with a vacuum (light suction).

I then started with the lint roller on the crowns.  I used individual sheets to work on the (what I believe to be) tulle netting.  Nothing fast about this project.


lampshade, crown, netting, early american, restore

Crown of Antique Colonial Ballerina Lampshade

One crown cleaned up pretty good and still had some color, pink.  The other shade must have sat in a window and near a heater.  The netting is faded and not quite as clean as the other.

lampshade, crown, netting, antique, restore, shade

Antique Ballerina Lampshade Crown

lampshade, crown, vintage, ballerina, restore, repair, shade

Antique Victorian Colonial Lampshade Crown















The netting is sewn under the trim, so removing it and washing it is not an option.  This is a liner repair but I will do all I can to get as much of the dust out as possible.  This is just my first swipe at cleaning the netting on the top of the lampshade.

I will be posting throughout the next month as I tackle this project.


So that was the crown netting.  The bottom netting has dust debris as well.  I used the lint roller, moving probably 1/4” at a time.  The bottom netting dust didn’t seem to want to let loose as well.

lampshade, colonial, ballerina, vintage, restore, shades

Antique Ballerina Lampshades, Repair, Restore Original

lampshade, ballerina, restore, repair, liner, shade

Vintage Ballerina Lampshade Repair, Restore









The following are the shade dimensions.  The first number is the actual lampshade wire, the second number includes the ruffle.

Top 9” / 16” x Bottom 20” / 30” and height is 20.”

ballerina, lampshade, liner, repair, restore, clean, shades

Antique Early American Ballerina Lampshades, Liner Repair


Again, this just my first attempt at cleaning.  I got what was loose, but there is along way to go.  The netting is pleated and makes it difficult to get between the folds.  For now, I am just going to move forward and go back to the netting later.

My next step will be to remove the crowns.  To remove the crowns the center braided satin decorative fabric will have to come off.

ballerina, vintage, lampshades, restore, repair, shades

Vintage Ballerina Crown Lampshade Restore


Ballerina Lampshade Crown Restore







Crown restore:

I have removed the crown and crown cover.  While the crown cover was loose from the crown frame, I was able to do a deep clean on the outside and inside of the fabric.



Lampshade Crown of Ballerina Shade



Ballerina Lampshade Crown Liner Repair


The crown  lined with blush silk charmeuse as the original was also lined with a blush fabric.  The outside of the crown is covered with a poly.  The crown does not actually light up, but tends to be a dust collector.  Using charmeuse silk will allow the restored shade to age gracefully and not absorb dust.



Restored Ballerina Crown


Ballerina Crown Lampshade Liner Repair








One of the most difficult tasks on this project, is tacking the ruffles back in place,  Sewing through a heavy cover fabric, trim, through the replaced fabric, to the wrap that is on the wire is no easy task



Ballerina Lampshade Crown Restore


This is only one of the restored crowns on this pair of Ballerina Lampshades.  I have kept the other shade in tack for reference.



Restored Liner of Ballerina Lampshade


The next step on this restoration project is the bottom part of the shade.



Bottom Tier of Ballerina Lampshade


Ballerina Lampshade Liner Repair







Bottom Tier Restore:

Underneath the ruffled cover is the wire frame.  The inside of the lampshade has deteriorated.  As old as these shades are, they are in awesome condition.  Only one of these shades has a torn liner, but while doing the one, it was the best idea to do them both.

I removed the ruffled cover.


lampshade, ballerina, ruffle, repair, restore, replace, shade

Ballerina Lampshade, Bottom Tier


Keep in mind the actual frame is only 20” in diameter or 60” around.  The ruffled cover is 180” around the bottom.  It is so large that is nearly covered a 42” round table.


lampshade, ballerina, ruffle, restore, replace, shade

Ballerina Lampshade Ruffle



Ballerina Lampshade Ruffle


I replaced the cover and liner on the underneath wire frame.


Ballerina Lampshade, New Liner


Ballerina Lampshade Bottom Tier Frame, Recovered








I reattached the ruffled cover and crown.  It has been a very tedious project and there is one more to go!



Ballerina Lampshade Relined, Restored


I will post the finished two shades on a new blog when both shades are restored.  I will be posting the second repair from “Lampshade Chronicles.”

Thank you for your time and interest.  



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