Antique 1960’s French Drum Lampshades Restored, Relined

These Antique 1960’s French table lampshades are the largest fabric drum shades I have ever worked on.  The dimensions are 18” top by 19” bottom and 20” high.  The “Classic By Diane” lampshades are completely hand sewn, trim and all.  Her lampshades are impeccable.  The golden striped lampshade covers are most unusual.  The shades are as pretty off as when the light is on.



Antique French Lampshades Relined, Restored


The lampshade liners were shredding.   The fact that the lamp shades were hand sewn, made possible removing the original trim without damaging the original cover.  I was able to re-sew the trim back on without damage.



Antique French Lampshade Liners Replaced, Restored


My client was kind enough to share pictures of these hidden treasures. 



Antique French Lamps



Vintage French Lamp Base with Classic By Diane Striped Lampshades


Thank you for sharing!


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