Rembrandt Vintage Lampshades, Restored

Vintage Rembrandt Lamps have such stature.  Lamps of prestige and prominence.  The drum lampshades are distinctive and trimmed to accent the lamp bases.  The lampshades for these lamps deteriorate.   The covers wear and tear.  The liners shred over time.

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Rembrandt Lampshade Wires


Rembrandt lampshade wires are strong and made to rest on glass globes.  The vertical wires are concave.  The original fabric covers are drum tight, do not rest on a wire and keep their shape.  It is a mystery to me.

lampshade, rembrandt, vintage, restore, replace, shades

Vintage Rembrandt Lampshades

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Restored Rembrandt Lampshades with Ecru Shantung Styrene








In order to help clients with their quest to hold on to their lamps, I tried using fabric laminated  styrene in an attempt to prolong the life of these beautiful lamps.  Fabric laminated styrene is a fabric material adhered to plastic.  Many many vintage tall large shades are made of this material.

lampshade, rembrandt, vintage, trim, restore, shade

Vintage Rembrandt Lampshade Trim


I have restored quite a few Rembrandt Lampshades with fabric laminated styrene.   The laminated fabric comes in an Ecru Shantung, Marie Ivory Linen, Beige Shantung  just to mention a few.  These finishes are most popular for Rembrandt shades that I restore.  All the shades have been restored with the original trims.

lampshade, rembrandt, restored, recovered, shade

Restored Rembrandt Lampshade with Beige Ecru Shantung Styrene

rembrandt, lampshade, vintage, shades, restored

Vintage Rembrandt Lampshade








My clients have been kind enough to share pictures of their lamps

with the Rembrandt restored shades. 

These lamps are so beautiful.  

rembrandt, lamp, shade, vintage, restored

Vintage Rembrandt Lamp and Restored Shade




















Many thanks for the pictures of these treasures hidden in private homes.


lampshade, rembrandt, vintage, restore

Vintage Rembrandt Lamp with Restored Shade





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