This entire set of lamp shades have had the liners replaced.  Beautiful Shades!  One set of shades were Ethan Allan blush colored shades.  The pleated shade is a Westwood lampshade.  The set of gold covered shades did not have identification, but they are very nice deco lampshades.   All the covers of these shades were in mint condition but the liners were shredding.   All the shades came from one customer.

lampshade, liners, replaced, restored

Lampshade Liner Repairs


The lampshade liners of the Ethan Allan blush shades were shredding.


lampshades, Ethan Allen, liners, replaced, restored, shades, blush

Ethan Allan Blush Lampshades Before Liner Repairs


The pleated Westwood not only had a shredding liner, but the cover came loose.  I tightened the cover before replacing the new liner.


lampshade, pleated, westwood, liner, replaced,restored, shade, pleated

Pleated Westwood Lampshade Before Liner Restore


pleated, lampshade, westwood, cover, restore

Pleated Westwood Lampshade with Loose Cover


The gold deco square shade liners were brittle and shredding also.


lampshade, deco, liner, brittle, replace, restore, shade, square

Square Gold Deco Lampshades with Brittle Liners before Restored


All the liners have been replaced and original trim was re-attached.  


lampshade, liners, restored, repaired, replaced, shades

Group of Lampshades with Liners Restored

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