2015 Lampshade Restoration Projects

Contemporary, Mid Century, Pleated, Victorian Crown Restored lamp shades.  Fabric, Fabric Laminated Shades.  Complete Restores, Liner Repairs and / or Metal restored Lampshades.  This gallery are the restored shades of 2015 by Lampshade Restoration.

Many or most of these lamp shades have been restored with the original vintage trim.  There is nothing like the original vintage trims on these lampshades.  Being able to restore a lampshade with the original vintage trim warms the restored shade.   Vintage trims that were made with fabric woven into the trim typically is not salvageable.  Fabric woven into the trim deteriorates just like the fabric cover or liner.

These shades came to me from all over the USA.  The shades I have restored are near and dear to each customer and privately owned.  These Keepsakes come from their Mother, Father, Grandparents or Dear Friend.   I am blessed  to be a part of passing on their legacy.

 “Saving Our Lighting Heritage One Shade at a Time”

The shades in the slide show are in no particular order:

I will be adding pictures over the next week or so until the page is complete.

Thank you for your patience.