Vintage Pleated Victorian Lampshade, Restore, Recovered, Repaired

I have seen quite a few victorian crown lampshades over the years.  This particular victorian crown shade was different from most of the vintage shades I see.  The center of the shade wires were not arched and the center shade was pleated.  The structured pleated center gave the lampshade a more modern look.

lampshade, vintage, victorian, crown, original, shade

Victorian Crown Pleated Lampshade


The lampshade fabric was starting to get brittle and weak.  The fabric was splitting when you touched it.

lampshade, vintage, fabric, replace, restore

Vintage Victorian Crown, Replace, Restore

lampshade, vintage, liner, torn, replace, restore, recover, shade

Liner of Vintage Victorian Crown Lampshade









I had a consultation with my customer and suggested that the shade did not need the pleated center.  All knife pleated shades I have seen,  have been manufactured.   To order the “Sunburst” pleated center for one shade would be extravagant.   I did not visualize the straight vertical wires looking different than any of the other contoured victorian lampshades I have restored.

I removed all the fabric from the lampshade and restored the shade with an ivory charmeuse silk, attached the crown and took a look at the shade.    As I have said, most victorian crown shades have contour to the center wires.  This frame was very straight.  Something was missing.


lampshade, victorian, crown, restore, repair, replace, silk, shade, cover

Victorian Crown Lampshade


I just could not let it go!  I had purchased a piece of “Fortuny Pleated Silk Chiffon” a while back, when I had the chance.    Pleated Silk Chiffon is a sheer, delicate fabric.   “Fortuny” means the pleats are not structured.  The pleats kind of have a mind of their own.   The finish is beautiful and a rare one of a kind lampshade finish.

lampshade, victorian, crown, pleated, silk, replace, recover, repair, restore, shade

Restored Vintage Pleated Silk Victorian Crown Lampshade


This customer was one of the most gracious of customers. Many Thanks!

Crown of Restored Victorian Lampshade


My customer was kind enough to share pictures of the  lampshade with the  beautiful ceramic lamp base he restored in remembrance of his Mother.  Many Thanks!

lampshade, lamp base, ceramic, vintage, antique, victorian, crown, lampshade, restore

Vintage Ceramic Lamp Base with Restored Pleated Victorian Crown Shade

lampshade, lamp base, victorian, crown, restored

Vintage Ceramic Lamp Base with Restored Pleated Victorian Crown Lampshade

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