Lampshade Repair, Lampshade Restored, Silk Sunshine Contemporary Shade

These are the pictures I received for a lampshade repair.  The liner looks brittle but not horrible.  Some jobs I take, I really am not sure if the lampshade is possible to repair.  I do know that the lampshade is not going to make if I don’t at least try.  My biggest concern was that the fabric cover was adhered to the plastic styrene liner other than the top and bottom wires.

lampshade, silk, cover, plastic, liner, styrene, repair, restore, shade

Vintage Contemporary Silk Lampshade Cover with Styrene Liner

lampshade, styrene, silk, cover, repair, liner

Styrene Liner of Silk Vintage Astrological Cover









The silk fabric cover was weak and splitting, not only from concentrated heat but partially due to the hard plastic pieces.  As soon as I took it out of the shipping box, I rested it on a similar shade to reduce the tension on the fabric.  I did not want the hard brittle plastic to puncture the delicate vintage fabric.

lampshade, silk, deco, fabric, cover, repair, liner, replace, shade

Vintage Silk Deco Fabric Cover with Styrene Liner


I  made a new styrene arc that was the same size as the original plastic liner.  The arc looks simple, but not always the case.

lampshade, plastic, styrene, liner

Styrene Plastic Liner for Vintage Silk Sunshine Lampshade.


Luckily, the silk astrologic cover was only secured at the top and bottom shade wires.   The original shade had the fabric wrapped around the wires.   I was able to peel the fabric from the top and bottom wires without doing too much damage.  I knew I would have to blend a new grosgrain trim with the vintage fabric cover to finish the edges.    I had a grosgrain that matched  amazingly well.


vintage, lampshade, silk cover, styrene, plastic, liner, repair, restore, shade

Restored Vintage Sunshine Deco Lampshade


As I was saying, I am not always sure I can repair a vintage piece.  In this case,  I was a “lampshade practitioner.”    I considered this lampshade repair “just short of a miracle”!


lampshade, silk, cover, styrene, liner, repair, replace, restore, shade

Silk Deco Contemporary Lampshade Repair

Such a beautiful accent lamp!  

CAUTION:  I just want to point out that these A-frame lampshades are kind of like a tunnel at the top.    The heat from light bulbs rests in the top of these A-frame shades and causes damage.  Always use an eco friendly bulb to preserve these vintage pieces.

Thank you for your time and interest.  For more detailed information on this project, please visit:

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