These rectangle lampshades sit on a chandelier.  The shade fabric was splitting and the liners were damaged.  The lampshade wires were solid and there was no rust.

lampshades, rectangle, chandelier, vintage, recover, shades

Vintage Chandelier Lampshades

lampshades, chandelier, rectangle, vintage, shades

Vintage Chandelier Lampshades with Shredding Liners









I used a textured ivory fabric for the new cover.  On chandelier lamps the liners are clearly exposed.  I used an ivory silk to line the shades.  Charmeuse silk liners are beautiful and a soft, warm accent, especially when you can see the liner clearly.

lampshade, chandelier, vintage, recovered, restored, shades

Vintage Rectangle Lampshades

chandelier, recover, restore, lampshades, vintage

Vintage Lampshade Replaced with Charmeuse Silk








My customer was kind enough to send me pictures.  The chandelier is beautiful.

chandelier, vintage, lampshades, rectangle,

Vintage Chandelier

Vintage, chandelier, rectangle, shades, recovered, restored, repair, shades

Vintage Chandelier with Restored Rectangle Lampshades









“It is the greatest pleasure to be a part of ‘Save Our Lighting Heritage’!

Attached is a link to more detailed information at Lampshade Chronicles

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