Scalloped Lampshade Restored, Recovered

This is a large scalloped top and bottom lampshade.  The liner and cover were both damaged.  Shade liners and covers deteriorate over time.   Not only does the fabric deteriorate, but the covered wires can have rust damage even though no rust signs are obvious.

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Scallop Lampshade Frame

lampshade, scallop, recover, restore, replace, liner, shade,

Large Scallop Lampshade Restored








This shade had all wires wrapped.  Both the cover and liner were applied to the outside of the frame.  After I removed the fabric, you could see signs of rust on the vertical ribs.  By looking at this shade, I would have never thought rust would have been an issue.   Six of the eight wires had damage.  It is minimal, but it has to be treated or will only get worse and show up on the newly restored shade.

lampshade, scallop, rust, repair, restore, replace, cover, liner, shade

Rusted Lampshade Wire


The shade has been restored and is being shipped to its owner.  When she receives her lampshade, I will post the finish.

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