Antique Lamp with Adjustable Lampshade, Liner Repair

While I was repairing the liner of this antique pleated lampshade, I could not figure out what kind of fitting held this lampshade on the lamp, or even what the lamp base looked like.  I knew it was vintage.  As promised, my customer sent me pictures of the lamp in its entirety.  What an absolutely beautiful piece!

lampshade, adjustable, shade, repair, liner, restore

Antique Brass Lamp Base with Attached Ceramic Flowers and Adjustable Shade


The lampshade is adjustable.  The shade can slide up or down on the post making it adjustable.  Not only is the shade adjustable but the flowers you see on the brass base are ceramic and attached to the base!

It gives me the greatest pleasure to see a finished restoration project.  Especially a lamp that is a museum quality piece.  I am so pleased that I was able to save the original cover.  It keeps the lamp true to its original historic presence.

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