Vintage Bell Lampshade, Recovered, Restored

This unusually deep vintage bell lampshade has been recovered, restored.  The lampshade frame has an 18” top x 19” bottom and 25” deep.

lampshade, vintage, bell, original

Vintage Tall Bell Lampshade

vintage, lampshade, recover, restore, silk

Vintage Tall Bell Lampshade









The new lampshade cover is vegas gold charmeuse silk.



Five of the seven layers of vintage trim has been restored and reapplied to the new lampshade cover.  The gimp braid trim along the top and bottom is new.

lampshade, bell, vintage, restore, repair, recover shade

Vintage Bell Lampshade Restore

vintage, bell, lampshade, recovered, trim, restored

Vintage Trim of Tall Bell Lampshade Restored










lampshade, bell, vintage, trim, recover, replace

Bell Lampshade Vintage Trim

vintage, lampshade, bell, restore, recover, trim, shade

Tall Vintage Bell Lampshade Trim










The new custom fit silk cover and new liner was hand sewn to the lampshade frame.  The trim was applied with an adhesive.   Applying trim with an adhesive after fitting a new silk cover is a little unnerving.  Even the the slightest spec of adhesive will show on a silk cover.

vintage, lampshade, bell, custom, repair, recover, restore

Vintage Bell Custom Sewn Lampshade Project


The restored shade has a liner.  When I received the project shade, there was no liner.

lampshade, bell, liner, replaced, vintage, shade

Deep Bell Lampshade Missing Liner

vintage, bell, lampshade, liner, replaced

Tall Vintage Bell Lampshade with New Liner












I believe this frame to be a Stiffel lampshade.  The center of the spider wire was not stamped, but the globe fitting is indicative of Stiffel lamps.

vintage, lampshade, bell, restored, recover, shade

Vintage Tall Bell Lampshade Recovered

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