Vintage Bell Lampshade, Recovered, Restored

I am currently restoring an old gold colored vintage bell lampshade with vegas gold charmeuse silk.  The lampshade frame is in excellent condition.  The shade sits on a globe lamp.

lampshade, vintage, bell, original

Vintage Tall Bell Lampshade


lamp, vintage, torch, bell, shade, restore

Vintage Torch Table Lamp for Tall Bell Lampshade












The lampshade has 5 layers of trim around the top including a scroll applique.   The bottom of the shade has 4 layers of trim.

lampshade, vintage, trim, bell, shade, restore, recover, shade

Vintage Trim and Scroll Applique on Tall Bell Lampshade

lampshade, bell, vintage, trim, recover, replace

Bell Lampshade Vintage Trim










The liner is completely missing.



The vertical ribs are breaking through the cover fabric.  The original cover has five (5) seams.

lampshade, bell, vintage, restore, repair, recover shade

Vintage Bell Lampshade Restore


I was able to save the trim.  I rinsed all the layers and let the trim air dry.  I will use a braid in place of the bias fabric trim.  The original cover was an old gold and the vintage scroll appliqué was old gold also.  On the new cover, the trim will show up  more prominently due to the varying colors of cover fabric.

lampshade, vintage, trim, scroll, applique, shade, restore

Vintage Lampshade Trim


This lampshade is so very tall and contoured, I was not exactly sure how I was going to restore the shade.  I originally thought that using a panel technique would be the easier way, but after much contemplation, I decided to sew the cover.

I was able to get the new sewn cover to contour to the frame with two seams.  I have the shade frame recovered with the vegas gold charmeuse silk and relined, but I still have to reapply the trim.  After my customer receives her shade, I will post the finished project.



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