Antique Ormolu Lampshade Repair, Recover, Restore

Ormolu is a golden finish applied to decorative furniture, clocks and lighting.  This original Ormolu lamp was modified and is now an electric lamp.  The ornate finish on the lamp base is Ormolu.

The original shade was so delicate and fragile.  The shade was cardboard between two pieces of fabric and stitching around the outside.  The center cardboard had printed words, but could not make them out.    It was clear this was a museum quality piece.  I had not even seen the lamp yet!

lampshade, ormolu, vintage, antique, repair, restore, recover

Original Antique Ormolu Lampshade


Because of the shape of this shade, I knew it would be very difficult to assume the new shade piece would fit precisely into the lampshade frame.  My customer brought the lamp to my shop so we could custom fit the framed shade and secure it in place.

lampshade, ormolu, vintage, museum, antique, shade, repair, recover

Vintage Ormolu Lampshade Repair


I made the new shade from fabric my customer supplied that matched her decor.  The fabric lighting is warm and allows the ornate lamp base to be the focal point.  The new shade is fabric applied to an adhesive styrene.

lampshade, ormolu lamp, shade, replace, restore

Museum Quality Ormolu Lamp with New Shade


Such a Beautiful Piece of Historic Lighting!

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