“Black Out” lampshades are shades that do not allow any light to come through the fabric cover.  The lighting is directional.  The black out shades typically accent the lamp and allow minimal lighting.

lampshade, recover, rose, fade, restore, repair

“Black Out” Fabric Covered Lampshde

lampshade, styrene, recover, repair, restore

Burgundy Lampshade Faded From Sunlight








These rose / mauve lampshades (2) were originally a deep burgundy but sunlight faded the fabric over time.  My customer chose burgundy douppionni silk to restore the lampshades.  These lampshades are  hard backed styrene shades with burgundy douppionni silk applied to the styrene to recreate the original form.  The deep burgundy douppionni fabric has a very rich matt finish.

lampshade, silk, recover, restore, shade

Burgundy Silk Duoppionni Lampshade

lampshade, recover, silk, restore, shade

Burgundy Duoppionni Silk Lampshades












Many of the shades I restore are one of a kind.  Each customers’ decor is a different color and theme.  The fabric, technique and shape are different.  Often,  I do not know what a custom project is going to look like until it is done.

I was surprised when I completed these shades and turned the light on.  Not only is the lighting so very warm, but the shades have a dimensional look when lit!

lampshade, silk, recover, burgundy, replace, restore, repair

Burgundy Silk Duoppionni Lampshade


(Lamp base is only a prop.  Not the original)

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