Burlap Lampshade for Antique Jug Lamp Base

You really don’t know how difficult it is to match a shade to a lamp base until you purchase a lamp base without a shade.  My customer purchased this vintage jug lamp base without a lampshade.    She could not find just the right shade that would accent the vintage jug lamp base.

lamp base, jug, vintage, restore, lampshade

Vintage Jug Lamp Base Without a Lampshade


She contacted me for a shade that would fit her lamp base.   We tried several different sizes and shapes.  The simple A-frame shade fit the lamp base the best.  We looked through fabric laminated samples and the burlap was the perfect fit.


lampshade, burlap, fabric  laminated, styrene, shade

Burlap A-Frame Fabric Laminated Styrene Lampshade



lampshade, burlap, a-frame, replace, shade

Burlap A-frame Lampshade on Vintage Jug Lamp Base

lampshade, burlap, jug, vintage, lamp base, replace

Vintage Jug Lamp Base with Burlap Lampshade

This jug lamp base, with the burlap lampshade

made for just for this lamp,

is such a nice warm accent light. 

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