This small narrow drum lampshade yellowed over time.  The hard shell cover cracked and the trim was falling off.  The rose velvet trim was taking on a new color and the delicate metallic trim lost its glow.

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Small Drum Linen Lampshade Original


I restored the shade with an Anna Marie Linen.  The hard shell material used to recover these type of shades is called fabric laminated styrene.  The Anna Marie Linen is a customer favorite.

lampshade, linen, drum, repair, recover, restore, shade

Restored Small Drum Linen Lampshade with Rose Velvet Trim


I replaced the rose velvet trim and used a very delicate metallic gold trim to outline the velvet.

I try to restore as close as possible to the original design.

lampshade, rose, velvet, trim, shade, restore, recover, replace

Rose Velvet Trim Outlined in Metallic Gold Cord

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